Bridal Portraits

Timeless. Romantic. Priceless

Every soon to be bride dreams of what her wedding will be like on her wedding day. She goes on Pinterest and pins a bunch of styles, dresses, and definitely wedding poses. She expresses to her photographer what poses they must get, and what places in the venue they must shoot in. What happens when there is no time on your wedding day to get the bridal portraits you want? Your hair didn’t come out like you wanted it to, you can’t find your bouquet and you’re now over it, you just want to walk down the aisle and marry your best friend. 

Weeks (or months) after the wedding you receive your photos and you're not satisfied because you really wanted your bridal portraits to be how you imagined it on your wedding day. How do you prevent being disappointed from not having your dream bridal portraits? Simple, book a Bridal Portrait session!

“She is fantastic!! I came to Mariah for a bridal shoot after I was disappointed with my wedding photos another photographer did. She did a BEAUTIFUL job! She makes you feel comfortable and truly cares about how you’re feeling while being photographed. I plan to use her for any future photoshoots I might have.”

What are Bridal Portraits?

Bridal Portrait sessions are photos of a bride before or after the wedding. Doing so ensures that the bride gets ample amount of time to get portraits of just her, without distractions of unpredictable wedding events. Having a one on one session with your photographer allows them to get the perfect shot without being rushed or put on a strict time restraint.

Pricing & Packages

Outdoor Bridal Portrait

Pre-session phone/e-mail consult
1.5 Hour Session
1 Outdoor Location
Private Online Gallery
(available for 30 days)


Studio Bridal Portrait

Pre-session phone/e-mail consult
1.5 Hour Session
1 Studio Location
Private Online Gallery
(available for 30 days)

*Please note, rental fees are NOT included with the session price.*



What Is a Bridal Portrait?

A bridal portrait is a formal picture of the bride in her wedding dress, taken a few days or weeks before the wedding in the photographer's studio or outdoors. Sometimes, a couple will choose to have a picture taken of the both of them in addition to, or instead of, a bridal portrait.

When Do I Schedule My Bridal Portrait Session?

The scheduling of your bridal portrait session is going to revolve around the final fitting for your wedding dress. We can’t do the session until the dress is ready, so I tell all my brides who are doing bridal sessions to contact me as soon as they get their final fitting date. Once we know when the dress should be ready, we can get a date on my calendar for the bridal session. If you choose to shoot your session outdoors, scheduling for a month, or two, ahead of wedding day is ideal in case we have to reschedule due to inclement weather.

What Do I Bring?

Before your bridal session, think through everything you’ll be wearing or that your wore on your wedding day. The checklist might seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget one or two elements if you don’t make a checklist. So take a few minutes to think through the process of getting dressed to ensure you don’t forget something: dress (and any special undergarments), shoes, veil, hair pieces, belt/sash, bridal bouquet and jewelry. If you’re doing your bridal session outside in a warm month, be sure to bring some bottles of water.

Can my Fiancé/Spouse Come?

Absolutely! If you would like to have a few portraits done of the two of you, just let me know! They will need to be dressed in their wedding attire as well.

What if it Rains?

Almost all of my sessions take place outdoors, on location. If there is more than a 80% chance of rain, your session will be rescheduled to my next available date or we can shoot in a studio location. Sessions will NOT be rescheduled due to overcast/cloudy days.